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Buyers’ Guide to HP Toner Cartridges – Original Brand versus Compatibles

When it is about replacing the HP toner, we have usually three choices in terms of toner types.

  • OEM- original brand manufacturer – H toner manufacturers by HP
  • Compatible laser toner, manufactured by any third party and not HP
  • Remanufactured HP toner. Original HP toner cartridges, given back to the factory, cleaned, maintained, repaired and refilled

The Pros & Cons of Original brand toner

Original brand HP toner made by HP is stated to give the high print quality with lowest rate of cartridge failure. It is worth nothing that failures can equally be present both in original brand cartridge and compatible versions. The drawback, however, might be the cost. The costs on average lies in between 40 percent to 100 percent more for an original brand HP toner than the compatible one.

Selecting the most ideal option for you

In a general term, the ideal choice for you will be based on what purpose you use the printer for. If it is for the general purpose everyday printing like reports and documents then it is good to go for the compatible HP toner since there is virtually no difference in terms of print quality between this one and the original. If you wish to print high resolution color prints with special focus on your business log color, for instance, then the original brand toner will be ideal for you.

The reliability of these compatible ones, when bought from a renowned supplier, should give good quality prints that is good enough to gloss a report.

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