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How European Printer Ink Cartridges Differ From American Cartridges

The major differences regarding printer ink cartridges between United States and Europe include price, the cartridge numbers, and the printer software within the printer having different settings.

The price for the refill ink cartridges in Europe generally seems to be substantially higher than the refills one wouldget in United States. There are two factors behind this. Firstly, the cost to get the cartridges into Europe is higher since the original manufacturers’ plants are in United States. When you add the shipping cost, it makes the prices higher. Secondly, the United States dollar is not worth as much as the Euros. Since the worth of the Euro is higher, you have to account for the exchange rate while considering the cost.

The printer cartridge numbering system is also setup as by regions. All these regions hold a number related to them. A few examples are that the United States is region number 1 while Europe, in general, is region number 2. While you are searching for the actual printer refill cartridge, you would need to determine which region number is related to it. If you are living in Europe, but purchased your printer with you from the United States and required a refill, then you would be required to find the number that is equivalent to your printer.

The last difference in how they are perceived by the actual printer software within the printer itself. Just like with actual cartridges, your printers themselves are divided as per regions as well.

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