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How to Create Your Own Personal Business Card Using Microsoft Publisher 2010

Before designing the printer, it is more important to decide that how you are going to print the card and what are the possibilities you can have. To start this, open your Microsoft Publisher 2010 and go to Templates. In the template file, choose Business Cards. Then choose the options that you prefer like color background, the information layout, horizontal or vertical alignments etc. It must be noted that if you have bought your card for printing from a specific manufacturer that you might be able to choose the actual business card size template to match the card you purchased.

Now go to Page Design, choose the size and then select More Preset Sizes. With the Preset Page Size, scroll down to Business Cards tab and choose your specific card manufacturer, and then choose it. If the manufacturer if the card is not listed, measure the card area size you want to print, ensuring not to include the area not to be printed.

Now click on Custom Page Size tab. Click on the specific page size you want and click Ok. One tip is to print card on some A4 sheets of paper before you utilize your card stock in case there are any modifications in the layout once printed that you would like to do. No add your text.

If you want to print the double-sided business card on the home printer, test out the design on A4 sheet of paper first as few desktop printers won’t align front and rear printing, unless these printers have the Duplex capabilities.

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