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How to print your own Business Cards Using your Desktop Printer

Now that you have designed the business card using any relevant program like Microsoft Publisher, for instance, this is the time to print these on your office or home desktop printer.

  • Firstly, open the file having business card document you want to print.
  • Load the printer tray with an A4 size sheet so that you can first test the print.
  • Go to file menu and click print, and on the publication and paper settings tab, click the printer you want to print to. Please note that it might already be set to the default printer.
  • Now go to printer options and select one page per sheet or multiple copies per sheet. In case if you have already chosen the paper manufacturer and the particular product that you want to print on this will be set on auto basis.
  • Then go to the preview window and click show how to insert paper and then choose run the two-sided printing set up wizard.
  • This wizard gathers the information regarding the printer to know which way is the best to put the paper in the printer.
  • Now click print and check the test sheet to view if any adjustments are required.
  • Once you are satisfied with text print, load printer with paper stock and click print again followed by print.
  • In case if the number of copies you want to print is to be changed, go to the file menu, click print and set publication and paper settings as either one page per sheet or multiple copies per sheet.

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