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How To Squeeze More Ink From Brother MFC 8460n Toner

For most of the people, replacing the hardware for couple of years is a useless distraction, irrespective of the price. Most important thing is getting as much performance out of that device as possible, and when it comes to printer toners, it is ink!

Ecofrank has witnessed great sales of Brother MFC 8460n toner this month, so we decided to give you some great ways regarding squeezing some more ink from your recent purchase. You will be happy to know that there are various means in which you can force your toner to share bit more ink, especially, when many documents are to be printed. Though Brother MFC 8460n toner has a great yield, yet still every device has margin to be more effective.

You can use Hairdryer on Your Ink Cartridges!

As amazing as it might seem, the common household hairdryer can be used to squeeze a little more ink out of your inkjet cartridges.

The management of Printer Ink

Printers will inform you when ink cartridges need replacing, either with a flashing light, a desktop notification, or both. However, it is important that you ignore these if you want to get the most ink out of the cartridge. Instead, continue using the cartridge until you see a noticeable degradation in the quality of the output. Using the suggestions above you should be able to get even more use from the cartridge even after this.

As ecological and economic as squeezing printer ink down to the last particle might be, eventually you will have to admit defeat and buy a new cartridge. No amount of hairdryer action and shaking will force your print cartridge to become a bottomless pit of ink!

However, the jury remains undecided on the benefits of refill kits and non-manufacturer cartridges. In my experience, no cartridge is perfect, however, and refill kits differ from device to device. If your printer is still in warranty, using an approved manufacturer ink cartridge is safest, just in case the device leaks.

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