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Simple Tips To Improve Your Brother MFC 8860dn Toner Performance

Glad to see such a great response for Brother MFC 8860dn Toner specially made available at EcoFrank at an amazing discounted price. Now what if we also guide you to enhance its performance? While changing the toner cartridge is most of the time the only remedy, easy tricks can improve its performance.

On numerous occasions, adjusting the printer settings not simply helps the toner do better but makes it long lasting too. By learning what to do when your toner cartridge performs below par, you can not merely improve the look of your documents, but also save great money. Toner can be bought in office supply stores, electronic stores, through Internet retailers, and on online sites like EcoFrank. Here are quick tips.

Shake Toner Cartridges

In some cases, a cartridge may be printing streaky or uneven pages because the ink is unevenly distributed within the device. Gently remove the cartridge from the printer and try shaking it a few times. The toner powder becomes redistributed. Remember to cover the cartridge with a paper towel beforehand.

Check Clogged Nozzle

Sometimes a cartridge performs poorly because it is clogged. Before tossing out a used cartridge, remove it from the printer, copier, or fax machine, and then use a damp paper towel to wipe the bottom. Check for other leaks and clogs. Wipe with another dry cloth and reinstall. Perform a test print to see if a clog was the culprit.

Change Font

Sometimes, fonts, font sizes, and bolded words are to blame for poor toner performance. Larger fonts and certain font styles use more toner, causing additional stress on the cartridge. Use 11 and 12-point font when possible and avoid chunky styles like Comic Sans. Tacoma, Calibri, and New Times Roman typically use minimal toner. Only bold words when absolutely necessary.

Print usually less

Before printing, faxing, or copying, consider whether using paper and ink is completely necessary. Try emailing documents and saving files electronically. An overworked toner cartridge is more likely to act up. Become stingy about printing and you will not only see the quality of printed items improve but you will also save money by buying less toner. Always use the Print Preview feature before printing. You are able to adjust margins and formatting features before printing and realizing something is wrong. This will enable users to avoid wasting paper and toner.

Toner Saver Mode

"Toner Saver" mode can help users save precious ink. Consumers can typically access "Toner Saver" mode by adjusting the printer settings from their computer. This mode is not recommended for photo or gray scale images. In most cases, simply click the printer icon on your desktop or PC, or open the Print Dialogue on a Mac. Click on "Printer Preferences" or "Print Settings." Click the radio button that indicates that the Toner Saver mode is on.

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