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The High Cost Of Wasted Printer Ink

Manufacturers claim that it is par for the printers to consume ink in ways that don’t wind up on the sheet. For instance, HP took us to its website, which says that some inks must be used in order maintain the print head’s health; some ink is residual while some ink evaporates.

In our research so far, just Brother Printers seemed to be consistently frugal with ink when utilized intermittently. Other brands differed widely in based on the brand line. For instance, with HP, the Envy series of printers used comparatively lesser ink for the maintenance, while the Photosmart series consumed a lot more. It has also been determined that you don’t need to compromise performance in order to save the ink. Many models that were good performers were also among the poorest ones with ink used for maintenance.

So now what the consumers should do? They must first weight performance. If you are planning to shop for a new printer, ink cost is only one of the various factors to think for while making your choice. In fact, we don’t factor these costs into the overall score in the printer ratings usually, which we use to rank different models, since printer usage differs widely. Rather, the ranking of the model is now to be done on such major factors like, speed, quality and convenience.

Another thing to do by the consumers is to think of ink costs. If you are not printing many pages, emphasize on top performers and think ink cost only as the tie-breaker among closely related or ranked models. However, if you are printing a lot of pages, inspect the ratings in order to determine the monthly ink cost, since in that case it would be having substantial affect.

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